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Build enterprise grade real-time data pipelines in minutes not months

What is Meroxa?

Meroxa is a real-time data platform as a service that gives data teams the data orchestration tools they need to build real-time streaming infrastructure in minutes, not months. Our platform removes the time and overhead associated with configuring and managing brokers, connectors, transforms, functions, and streaming infrastructure. All you have to do is add your resources and construct your pipelines. Meroxa takes care of the rest. Giving you more time to focus on the execution of your data projects.

  • Self service

    No implementation consultants needed. Meroxa handles all the plumbing, enabling faster and more streamlined data pipeline architecture, so you can worry about what matters: connecting your stakeholders with the analysis-ready data and information they need in a timely manner.

  • Unified tooling

    Power your analytics and operational workflows with a single toolset that allows you to make multiple connections. Meroxa manages data integration and data delivery from source to destination, ensuring that your critical data is always accurate and up to date.

  • Managed Data Platform

    Leave the administrative work to us. Our control plane automates repetitive tasks from data ingestion to data replication and ensures your data is secure.

  • Auto-Generated API

    Select the data you want to stream into an auto-generated real-time API endpoint (beta). Now your team can focus on building features instead of configuring infrastructure.

Our Features

Data Orchestration in

Meroxa reduces the typical ETL pipeline setup timing. Create connections between your data sources and destinations in real-time.

Scalable User Experience

Build real-time data infrastructure with an experience that works for your development workflow, visually on the Meroxa Dashboard or at the command line with the Meroxa CLI. We make it easy for individual engineers or teams of hundreds – to leverage our solution.

Change Data Capture Service

Listen to every change from a datastore. Our Change Data Capture tools help organizations maintain data quality and freshness within data warehouses and other downstream consumers of data. In turn, giving you the ability to build event-driven microservices that respond to data change events in real-time.

Multiplex Single Data Stream to Multiple Destinations

Send data from a single data source to not just one destination but to multiple destinations in real-time.

Use Cases

# add production db to resource catalogmeroxa add resource pg --type postgres# add previously created redshift table to resource catalogmeroxa add resource dwh --type redshift# connect the db to the data warehousemeroxa connect --from pg --input $PG_TABLE_NAME --to dwh
# add production db to resource catalogmeroxa add resource pg --type postgres# add previously created s3 bucket to resource catalogmeroxa add resource datalake --type s3# connect the db to the data warehousemeroxa connect --from pg --input $PG_TABLE_NAME --to datalake
# add production db to resource catalogmeroxa add resource pg --type postgres# create an endpoint and point stream changes to the endpointmeroxa create endpoint http-api --protocol http --stream $STREAM