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Our Story

Meroxa was founded in early 2020 by DeVaris Brown and Ali Hamidi with the belief that the future of data engineering lies in better, more efficient, and accessible tooling for companies of all sizes and all levels of data engineering expertise.

We know what needs to happen to get there.

Our Founders

  • DeVaris Brown

    DeVaris Brown,CEO & Co-Founder

    DeVaris is the CEO and co-founder of Meroxa, a VC backed company enabling teams of any size and level of expertise to build real time data pipelines in minutes not months. Prior to founding Meroxa, DeVaris was a product leader at Twitter, Heroku, VSCO, and Zendesk. When he’s not sitting in front of a computer, you can find DeVaris behind a camera capturing moments in time, at the stove whipping up the finest delicacies, or behind a set of turntables, moving a sea of people through music.

  • Ali Hamidi

    Ali Hamidi,CTO & Co-Founder

    Ali is the CTO and co-founder of Meroxa. Prior to starting Meroxa, Ali was the Lead Engineer on the Heroku Data Team at Salesforce where he worked on the core control plane that managed millions of databases for tens of thousands of customers globally. When he’s not hacking away at code or gaming with his sons, Ali is likely to be mountain biking on local trails or at the bike park, racing downhill.

Our Company

Our Culture

Many people want to imagine a company centered around diversity and inclusivity; Meroxa was built with these principles in mind as central to our corporate DNA.

90%Of Meroxa's executive leadership identifies as a person from an underrepresented community

42%Of the company identifies as non-male

35%Identifies as Black or African-American

21%Of employees are based internationally

Our goal is to empower organizations to liberate data from silos, make better decisions and build real-time applications that add value to the world. With the right tools, intentionally built with people in marginalized communities, we can empower everyone to be a data engineer and grow to be a data-driven human being. Because with the right data, we all can be a force for change.

Our Values

  • Customer First

    We are committed to an exceptional customer experience. We don’t build anything that doesn’t positively impact our customer's productivity.

  • Stronger Together

    We believe diversity and inclusion makes us stronger. We embrace our differences and encourage team members to come as they are.

  • Growth minded

    We are driven by continuous learning and improvement. We challenge the status quo and hold ourselves accountable to improve.

Our Team

Meroxa was founded as a remote working company, therefore balance is important to us. That’s why we make time to celebrate and support each other. We offer thoughtful time off, mental health days, virtual workout sessions, happy hours, social education forums and a continuous learning policy that ensures we continue to grow into our best selves.

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